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What to Expect from a Bunny Boarding London Home Visit

If you are only planning on being away for a few nights, have a shy and timid bunny or have more than two rabbits a home visit might be a better option for you. We are happy to travel to your home while you are away to care for your bunnies, and even offer supervised play time if you would like that!

Everyone we send to your home has experience handling and caring for rabbits of all shapes, sizes and ages, and will ensure they are well looked after throughout your time away. They will be well looked after, cared for and comfortable until you get home.

We are the only bunny boarders offering this service in London, so if this is suitable for you and your bunnies please get in contact with us today at

Please note that if you home is outside of central London we may have to charge additional fees in order to offer this service.

Everyone we send to your home will leave you property in the same condition in which they found it.

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