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What to Expect from Bunny Boarding

For many of our clients leaving their beloved rabbit with someone else can be a difficult moment, but we love your buns and they'll be well taken care of with us. We have plenty of experience caring for rabbits of all sizes and ages, and promise you they will get high quality nutritious food and all the love you would offer them whilst they stay with us. We are central London's only bunny boarders, providing convenience for any bunny parents within zones 1-3.

We give each bunny or pair their own cage, in a warm and calm environment. Cages are cleaned between each use and we only take on a maximum of two pairs at one time, as well as our own bunnies, meaning your bunny would get plenty of attention and affection throughout their stay.

We always say we offer a five star bunny boarding service, and we are happy to let your bunnies out for supervised regular play time, toys and provide treats such as bananas for them. The bunnies that stay with us will stay in machine cleaned sawdust and the cleanest hay available.

So when you are next away why not have your buns board with us, safe in the knowledge they are in good hands and looked after by someone caring!

Two make a booking and provide more details about your buns please email us today at

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